Own The Blue & Greenest PEZ Jersey!

Maybe it's because I rocked my formative party years in that decade of Joi-gel and synth pop, maybe it's because that's when I became a fan of road racing, but I still love the 80's.   Even at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, there was never a problem rounding up the boys for a good 2 hour ride to start the weekend right.

And I always loved those Spanish conquistadors in the green & blue stripes of Team Kelme - swashbuckling across the Pyrenees every July - Fabio Parra and a bunch of riders whose exploits punched way above their weight, but I didn't care - they looked awesome - and rode with style and panache. 

Built on Castelli's 'Training Jersey' design - the in-set sleeves were de-rigeur back then, it's a full zip, three-pickets in back, lightweight and durable cut that's made for your your best days on the bike.

Quantities are limited - so order it now and be one of the few to own this beauty. 
Read the PEZ Kit review here:

- Pez

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