PEZ Jersey: Super '80's


Only as I got older and began to understood Laurent Fignon better, did I fully appreciate what a great cyclist and sports figure he really was.  Bernard Hinault - I always thought he was cool - tough as nails, could win at any time of the year and in almost any race.  As team mates at Renault Elf in the early 80's they cut quite a swath - some unquantifiable measure of cool, tough guy resolve, and swashbuckling bravado. They could have been the original Old Spice poster boys.  

So what better inspiration for the 2013 PEZ Kit?  And especially as we blast into the new season with a brand new site design.

Kit this cool could only be made by a company with legacy of equal grinta - Castelli of course. Built on Castelli's 'Training Jersey' design (the same one used by pro teams), it's a full zip, three-pickets in back, lightweight but durable cut that's made for pretty much everything you can chuck at it.

Order you own kit now and don't look back - unless you want to see how many heads you've turned.

- Pez

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